Jerome Martin

Director of Client Services
1.800.965.8541 x 135

When you were a kid, what career did you want to have?

When I was in kindergarten I can remember that I definitely wanted to be a pilot. I used to build airplanes all the time out of wood. After I got over my fascination with planes, I can remember wanting to be a police officer, an actor, a lawyer, or a successful business owner.

What do you do at Career Cruising?

As the Manager of Client Services, I oversee the Client Account Management team to ensure our team meets our department goals. 

What are you extremely passionate about? Why?

I love College Football! I love the fall when football season rolls around. I love the college gameday atmosphere, the pageantry, the traditions, and the passion that college football fans have for their teams. College football fans have a lot of pride in their alma mater or their home state University, and it is fun to travel to different venues to watch games. I love going home to watch a home game, and also traveling to other stadiums to see other universities’ traditions when I can.

Which superhero power would you like to have?

I love to travel so if I had any one Superhero power it would be Superman’s ability to fly. Over the years, travel has become so expensive, and I have family that lives in six different states. If I could easily fly to any location to visit family or friends on a weekend, that would be pretty incredible. Since that is pure fantasy, I’ll dream of winning the lottery since that seems a little bit more realistic than having Superman’s ability to fly.