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Vera M. Reed

Technology in the Classroom

With technology steadily becoming a part of our everyday existence whether we like it or not, we must embrace and utilize it in order to make the most of the convenience and efficiency it can offer us in our daily lives. Since tech’s reach and capabilities online continue to increase, it’s only fair to assume that its use in education systems throughout the world has grown from experiment to necessity in a short amount of time.

As technology in educational institutes continue to grow, we can expect new advancements that will change the learning process and overall experience. Social media sites are being used for educational purposes and branching out to communicate with classmates and educators. A variety of systems pop-up to demonstrate tutorials online for clarity in numerous subjects. Online Degrees are on the rise: 10 to 1 versus that of a traditional college. From Community Colleges to Universities to Online Education Programs and everything in-between, this graphic (to view the full infographic, click on the image above) showcases some of the technologies that have been provided for each institution, what the benefits have been thus far and what's to come.

Get an idea as to where you fit best, and learn on!

This graphic was contributed by Vera M. Reed, a former educator and current writer and researcher. Vera has taken a specific interest in online education and its effects on the overhaul of the American education system. The infographic contains information and statistics provided by AdultLearn.

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