More manageable, less stressful

Applying for college can be enormously time-consuming. The students we’ve talked with tell us that spending over 1,000 hours is possible, if not common. A successful application involves researching colleges, visiting the ones at the top of the list, applying for financial assistance and scholarships, preparing application forms and letters of recommendation, and the list goes on. With ccAchieve, it takes a fraction of the time, because all of the necessary resources are gathered in one place.

Better organized campus visits

With ccAchieve’s Campus Visit Journal, students can record their thoughts and experiences about campuses they visit, rate the institutions and narrow down the colleges that fit best for them. They can also set up a pre-visit checklist of things they don’t want to miss while they’re on campus and take it along. It’s one more way for students to integrate real world experiences into their journey of learning, exploration and discovery. And it ensures that each campus visit is exceptionally well-planned.

All in one convenient place

It makes sense that the more scholarships students pursue, the more likely they are to receive one. ccAchieve’s comprehensive Scholarship Application Tracker lets students research all of their scholarship and financial aid applications in one convenient place, which saves time and effort. Educators can easily input information about local scholarships to augment our resources about national scholarships. That way, students won’t miss out on an opportunity to get ahead.

Better time allocation

ccAchieve is designed to keep track of every detail, which frees students to think about the big picture. That way, they can spend their time studying, instead of getting stuck in an endless, poorly organized college application process and trying to do everything alone. With ccAchieve’s power to organize and schedule important events, dates, action steps and to-do lists, students become better time managers. They grow more confident as stress is lessened. They begin to see that going to college is something they can make happen.