Not just interaction, collaboration

These days, technology is providing new and exciting ways for people to connect and interact. We’ve heard from many advisors and counselors who have told us that they like ccAchieve because it takes their relationship with their students one step further. ccAchieve enables not just interaction, but collaboration. Advisors and students become partners in using this tool to prepare the student for life after high school. That kind of assistance is rewarding for advisors, and empowering for students.

Robust advisor tools

Our Career Advisor Management Systems (CAMS) gives educators a realtime window into how their students are using ccAchieve. Advisors can easily configure the program so that they receive timely progress reports. They can also reach out to students by issuing notices and reminders about events, key dates, activities, visits by college reps, financial aid or scholarship nights, deadlines for requesting references, and more. With CAMS, advisors are able to partner with students more effectively, producing better outcomes.

One click simplicity

Technology empowers educators and students when it is most usable. Complexity serves no one. That’s why all of our products are designed to be intuitive to use, simple to navigate, and quick to customize. We call our principle of design ‘One Click’. Schools and districts can easily upload student results from the ACT and SAT standardized tests and GPAs every year. Advisors can update student scores any time using the Career Advisor Management System. And much more, with one click of a mouse.

Reports keep advisors in the know

ccAchieve is an open window, giving educators visibility into the needs of their students. Unfortunately, many counselors are able to meet with students only occasionally, and the meeting takes place in an office. It is difficult for advisors to know the names of all of their students, let alone know how to help them succeed. ccAchieve makes these problems history, providing advisors with timely reports on student progress with their college and scholarship applications, majors of interest, campus visits, and more.

Complete customization

Career Cruising has gained a tremendous amount of experience working with schools across North America. We know that every school is different, with different goals, needs and systems. That’s why we made sure that ccAchieve has built-in flexibility. It’s easy to customize the Personal College Profile to meet your school’s specific needs and practices. Add events to the school-wide College Planning Calendar. Set up a database of local scholarships for your students to consider, and much more.