Pursuing the dream

When faced with two paths, it’s human nature to choose the one that looks easier. Unfortunately, some students pass on the college at the top of their list because its entrance requirements appear too demanding. They fall back to schools further down, and that’s a shame. Choosing the pathway that fits is the first step to a better future. By organizing the application process and breaking it down into manageable to-do lists complete with scheduling, ccAchieve eliminates pressure and frees students to pursue their dreams.

Intuitive, powerful organizational tools

Having a long to-do list can stop progress in its tracks. ccAchieve eliminates the intimidation factor with easy to use wizards, an integrated calendar and email alert reminders. Quick visual overviews allow students to see what they need to do at every stage of the process, enabling them to track multiple applications at the same time from one central dashboard. ccAchieve’s intuitive interface lets students focus on what they need to do without worrying about how to do it.

ccAchieve does it all

ccAchieve is the all-in-one college application organizer. My Task List helps students manage and track all of their college and scholarship applications in one place, so they’ll never miss an important deadline. College Planning Calendar manages key dates for college applications, financial aid, standardized tests and other key milestones. It’s a flexible, powerful way for students to stay on track for success.

Most comprehensive School Selector

ccAchieve’s School Selector tools help students decide where to continue their education after they graduate from high school. They can find what they need to know about 4-year colleges, 2-year colleges, Career and Technical schools and more. This will help them create a ranked shortlist of schools they want to keep on their radar for further consideration. Whichever personal pathway they choose, everything they need is just a click away. All school information is current because we refresh it regularly.

Personal College Profile

Using what they have learned in ccSpringboard, students build their own Personal College Profile in ccAchieve. It’s a summary of their community and high school activities, extracurricular achievements, and what makes them unique. This is a useful guide for mentors, teachers or employers who are prepared to help students by writing letters of reference for their college applications. Having the Personal College Profile as a foundation ensures that these letters will be compelling for college selection committees.

Packed with useful features

With ccAchieve, students can save Majors of Interest in their personal portfolios, adding comments that can be updated and accessed any time. They can rate and rank their favorite colleges and save them in their portfolio. They can even compare their own test scores and GPA with incoming freshmen at schools they’re tracking, to see where they stand.

Keeping it real

At Career Cruising, we believe very strongly that students benefit whenever the real world comes into the classroom, or they get out into the real world to meet and talk with real people. It is extremely valuable for them to see, hear, feel and experience pathways to success in life and their career. That’s why we’ve made sure that ccAchieve is a gateway to real world resources and opportunities.