Every student can succeed

Every person who uses ccInspire enjoys the same level of access to useful information. Data flows freely to anyone who needs it. Here’s one example: students are able to post questions on secure discussion boards to find out more about the careers they are researching. Real working people respond to provide answers, ideas and advice. Students might be attending a small school in a rural area or a large school in a big city.

Size doesn’t matter. Location doesn’t matter. There are no artificial barriers to success.

One click connections

Every product we develop aims to provide intuitively easy navigation and access to information. That’s because we believe students learn better when they are in a state of flow where one thing leads naturally to the next. It’s all about what, when, where and why, not ‘how do I?’ For example, pre-approved Career Coaches and online mentors are just one click away, which encourages students to ask questions and become actively engaged with defining their own future.

Communication made easy

Efficient communication tools enable local companies, educators and system administrators to send targeted messages about career development to students. Be assured that all messaging happens through mediated, password-protected channels to protect students’ privacy at all times. Every employer and every career coach is carefully pre-screened to ensure the security and quality of each interaction. Students can post questions to company message boards to learn more.

Seamless integration

Every product within our ccEngage solution is integrated to facilitate a holistic experience and extraordinary ease of use. The learning curve is short and sweet for students and educators. Students using ccSpringboard can easily click through from occupation information (e.g. “A Day in the Life of a Computer Programmer”) to read informative listings provided to ccInspire by real employers offering related careers (e.g. Current employment opportunities for Computer Programmers).

Connections create opportunities

When you think of ccInspire, think: connections, community, opportunity. In this increasingly networked era, fast access to information that is shared openly is the pathway to success. We have developed a powerful way for students, businesses, local communities and economic regions to connect for the benefit of every participant. ccInspire is an unmatched tool for workforce development. It’s a prosperity engine.