Makes career learning relevant

No other career learning tool for high school students engages and inspires students the way ccInspire does. Educators use it to identify local companies offering the employment or career development programs that would benefit their students most. It’s a convenient, time-saving tool that enables advisors, counselors and teachers to connect with companies in the area to coordinate field trips for their students, set up summer internships and co-op placements, arrange for guest speakers to visit the classroom, and more.

Encourages interaction with students

At Career Cruising, we believe that frequent, focused, respectful dialogue between students and educators is a positive thing. Counselors and advisors tell us that they use ccInspire to search for career learning opportunities and make requests on behalf of their students, then communicate what they’ve found. They can easily track how—and how often—students are using the program, and offer tips, guidance and advice.

Powerful, flexible online tool

ccInspire provides system administrators with easy-to-use online tools that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can post timely, relevant articles for students; publicize upcoming events and local programs of interest; create links to helpful reference material and community resources; set up and refresh local company profiles to keep students ‘in the know’.

Extensive reporting capabilities

Every product in our ccEngage solution is designed to offer educators visibility into student activity with the program, to ensure that they are getting the most out of their use of the tools. ccInspire lets administrators set goals for students and generate regular reports to measure results. They can quickly set up an online survey to collect instant feedback from students participating in job shadowing. And they can check to see if students are meeting their Living Portfolio completion status milestones on time.

Saves time and money

ccInspire creates a vibrant community of shared interests, where students, educators and local companies can get together for mutual benefit. It is an efficient meeting place—virtual and real—for students interested in learning more about careers, and the employers who might hire them someday. It helps employers build a more wide-reaching talent pool, and it makes learning real for students by bringing employers right into the classroom.