Everyone has connections

In the real world of business, it’s often said that it’s not ‘what’ you know that matters, it’s ‘who’ you know. This can leave students without ‘connections’ on the outside, looking in. ccInspire remedies this unequal distribution of opportunity with our Career Coach message board, which levels the playing field for students by enabling them to connect safely with real, caring people for insightful career advice and encouragement.

Right answer, right away

Students can learn more about occupations by submitting questions to representatives from companies they are interested in to get the information they need right from the source. They can post new questions, contribute to threaded discussions already underway, and learn by reviewing previous posts from other students who share similar interests, career goals and objectives.

Adding life to education

Connecting students with people who are working in the real world—in a field that the student is interested in—is the best way to inspire them to get busy defining their career goals and learning more. ccInspire energizes students and brings education to life, because it brings life to education. Making careers real motivates students to do their best in school, starting right now.

Always on target

ccInspire enables students to ask specific questions and get specific answers. They can receive targeted communication from employers and career coaches about opportunities that match their interests. They can also access local labor market information that’s updated regularly, to stay current with what’s happening. The more students know, the better they’re able to make informed decisions about their future.

Useful tool for educators

Educators can use ccInspire to find outside resources, enrich school activities and make learning more engaging. It’s easy for teachers, advisors and counselors to locate and approach knowledgeable guest speakers who have been added to ccInspire’s database by local companies. These speakers are happy to come into the classroom and tell students about real world opportunities.