Building a better workforce

ccInspire is a powerful ‘prosperity engine’ for regional economic and workforce development. It is contributing right now, everywhere it is in place, by facilitating positive and mutually rewarding interactions between local employers and students who are developing the skills, education and training required to drive future growth and success. We’re building a better economic future, one click at a time.

Strong connections, stronger future

ccInspire is a success-driver, a dynamic connector and a powerful enabler for students, employers and educators. One educator told us she thinks of it as a convenient central meeting place where valuable information, opportunities and ideas are shared. It’s powered by students on the cusp of their careers and local employers who have established businesses that need access to a motivated, well-trained, and well-educated workforce.

Seamlessly integrated with ccEngage

ccInspire is fully integrated with the other products in our ccEngage solution, so it’s always just one click away. It is a powerful tool for students, as well as adult career searchers, local community businesses, educators, and system administrators. By bringing together education and industry, we’re helping students achieve their career goals and actively addressing communities’ workforce development needs.

Enhancing regional prosperity

Economic turmoil on the global stage and at a national level makes it a real struggle for local and regional economies to rebound and prosper. ccInspire addresses this difficulty head on. We’re providing an innovative tool for regeneration to local and regional administrators who have a strong interest in improving the economic health of their region. ccInspire helps administrators energize the workforce and promote the local community as a good place to live and work, now and in the future.

Reboot, recharge, renew

By connecting local employers with students and adult career searchers, ccInspire is helping to reboot and recharge local workforces, and renew the national economy from the bottom up. When everyone connects for a common and clearly defined purpose, it benefits individuals, schools, businesses and entire economic regions. ccInspire is an exciting platform for workforce development in communities and regions that could use a helping hand. And these days, that means everywhere.