Reaching out to students

Many companies have told us how difficult, costly and time-consuming it can be to enhance their corporate presence in the local community. ccInspire makes it possible for local companies to forge mutually-rewarding relationships with students who might someday work for them. By participating in ccInspire, employers can ‘say hello’. It’s a chance to highlight their company, community involvement and philanthropic activities.

Informative company profiles

ccInspire makes it easy for local employers to create and maintain company profiles that include things like a company description, location details, a link to the company website, a list of jobs and careers students could pursue someday, current career development opportunities for students (internships, job shadowing, co-op), and a company message board where students can post questions and get answers, insights and advice.

Career development resources

Forward-thinking companies recognize the value in ensuring that their talent pipeline is full of qualified candidates. ccInspire lets employers extend a welcoming hand into local classrooms, to inform and educate students who are interested in pursuing one of the career paths at their company. Working with educators, companies can assist in local student career discovery by providing content, mentoring and sharing knowledge.

Motivating performance

Educators who have used Career Cruising products report that the benefits for students are long-term, and also immediate. Students using ccSpringboard learn about their own interests and how they match up with rewarding career paths, which sets them up for a lifetime. When employers get involved with ccInspire, they are giving students the motivation to work harder in school—today and everyday, from now on—to acquire the skills and knowledge local companies are looking for in new hires.

Be a positive influence

ccInspire gives companies a chance to communicate their needs and preferences across a wide range of skillsets, qualifications and personal attributes. Students are keen to learn which courses they should be studying for each occupation an employer offers. They are just as eager to discover the value that employers place on soft skills: interacting with co-workers, friendliness, optimism, being organized, effective time management, working well within teams, showing leadership, taking responsibility and strong interpersonal communications.