Custom flexibility and coverage

Our Integration Specialists do custom integrations and configurations at the state, district, school or grade level. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. Our support team is always ready to make things right.

We’ll do the fine-tuning

We tweak and adjust hundreds of “dials and levers” inside ccPathfinder while we’re installing it. That’s how we make sure it’s configured to match your unique requirements perfectly. Just tell us what you need and have no worries. Our Integration Specialist will get it done.

Tweakable interface

Our customizable interface allows you to work comfortably, using whatever terminology you prefer. It’s easy to change our labels or terms to words that are familiar to you. See something you don’t like? Tweak it your way.

Add your own touch

We recognize that no one knows your students as well as you do. So we’ve made it easy for guidance counselors and advisors to add individual student course recommendations to ccPathfinder with a simple click.

Power to the district

ccPathfinder includes the option for course schedules, requirements and configuration to be performed and maintained at the district level. This allows administrators to manage multiple schools easily, from one centralized online dashboard.

Smart course loading

ccPathfinder is programmed to auto-fill student courses based on diploma logic. That’s just one more reason why educators are so pleased with how efficient it is. They tell us every day that there is no other solution like it.

Full reporting and alerts

Advisors and counselors are more effective when they can dedicate their time to students who need it most. ccPathfinder make it possible, using intelligent, customized guidance alerts. They’re easy to set up and easy to modify.