Success in real-time

ccPathfinder provides students with instant, real-time visual tracking of course prerequisites and graduation requirements. Its well-designed online dashboard makes 4-year high school course planning something students actually enjoy doing.

Diplomas unlimited

There’s plenty of room in ccPathfinder for unlimited diploma types and multiple diplomas per school. It’s a flexible system offering countless opportunities for easy customization by educators.

Easy updates

With ccPathfinder, it’s easy for educators to “grandfather out” older course and program requirements, while smoothly transitioning in new requirements. It’s intuitively simple to modify and refresh.

The extra step

The route to success does not always follow a straight line, so ccPathfinder helps students keep their best options open. In addition to a primary diploma, they can view requirements for a secondary diploma or certification.

Comprehensive depth

ccPathfinder is loaded with useful features and important details, making it the most powerful high school course planning tool there is. It accounts for special education requirements, district maintained requirements, and much more.

Helping students at risk

Educators can easily access clear administrative reporting on deficiencies to identify students at risk. This allows advisors and counselors to focus their time where it is most needed: helping students who will benefit from extra personal attention.