Fits your SIS perfectly

ccPathfinder offers total integration with your Student Information System (SIS), credit history and scheduling. Don’t worry, we do all the heavy lifting. Our Integration Specialists are experienced professionals. Every school has unique needs, and we’ve handled them all.

Deep integration experience

Career Cruising maintains strong working relationships with dozens of SIS vendors across the country. In fact, we have entered into formal partnerships with many large vendors. That way, you’re covered.

Accuracy counts

After each student has entered selections and data into ccPathfinder, it is automatically verified and validated before it’s sent to the SIS for scheduling. No muss, no fuss, as you watch error frequency and do-over rate shrink.

Clear and simple

ccPathfinder has been designed to make 4-year high school course planning simple and efficient. Examples abound. Here’s one: there’s a clear methodology for selecting alternates, including 1-to-1 and prioritizing.

More than course scheduling

ccPathfinder is an overwhelming success because it takes into account every detail. It doesn’t just schedule courses, it’s even able to identify study halls or spare periods.

One click exporting

At Career Cruising, we design all of our products with simplicity and user experience in mind. ‘One click’ is a key goal for us, every time. That’s why we made sure that ccPathfinder exports current year selections with one click of a mouse.