Perfect integration

ccPathfinder takes into account not just the courses that students want to study, but also their course and credit histories, which determine the ones they can select. The data from each student’s plan is 100% pre-validated and sent directly into your Student Information System without further keyboarding, to initiate scheduling.

Clearly better

Our well organized, visually intuitive dashboard window assembles and displays relevant information to students in a simple, meaningful way. With ccPathfinder, students can be confident that they’re making informed decisions because they understand the consequences of their choices, preventing unwelcome surprises down the road.

Accuracy reduces stress

Each student’s credit and grade history is fully integrated with your SIS, so accurate course planning and verification is assured. Students and educators report that they feel less stress, because wasted time, mistakes and do-overs are eliminated.

One quick click

Everything is connected and within easy reach in ccPathfinder. Saved careers—and information about the education they require—are just a click away. Full interaction is real-time and immediate, so students can spend their time on more important things like studying, not on administrative tasks.

Cluster possibilities

Students see their course selections and 4-year plan updating instantly in their onscreen dashboard. They can also see how the changes they’re making affect their future career opportunities.

The one and only

ccPathfinder is the only program that clearly links credit history, graduation requirements and future goals to help students succeed. These are all things that demand organization and accuracy. ccPathfinder delivers both, every time.