Best reporting and tracking

Clear, informative online dashboards make ccPathfinder reporting easy to use. Educators can quickly drill down to examine hotspots in detail, and remain fully informed at all times.

Streamlined connections

ccPathfinder is a robust, easy to use communication center for connecting with groups of students by messaging or email. When advisors and counselors can reach out and interact with students this easily, good things happen more often.

Reports at your fingertips

Receive a full range of reports on student activities. Simply click the reports you’d like to receive and you’re ready to go. View recommendation conflict reports, credit summaries, deficiency and student at risk reports, and more.

Forecasting reports

ccPathfinder doesn’t just generate reports on current or past activity. It can also produce forecasting reports to help administrators plan for future course loads and budgeting requirements.

Flexible report formatting

Sometimes it’s more convenient for you to read or process a report outside of ccPathfinder. That’s why we’ve enabled instant exporting of any report to a simple text file, or Microsoft Excel, or a comma-separated values (CSV) file, which stores tabular data like numbers and text in plain-text form to make it easier to read.