Let’s visit Sparkdale

Sparkdale is just like a real town, only it’s a lot more wacky and whimsical! Designed to meet the curriculum needs of young students, Sparkdale is an active, imaginative world that children can hardly wait to explore. They develop a sense of community and learn how everyone has a special role to play. Full of appealing characters, small surprises and fascinating places, Sparkdale brings elements of the real world right into the classroom to enhance the learning experience.

An age-appropriate career development resource

For younger students, career learning is not about researching and choosing a career that matches personal skills, interests and goals. It’s about acquiring essential age-appropriate life skills like self- awareness and understanding how important it is to plan ahead. Teachers, administrators and educators will be pleased to know that ccSpark! is carefully designed to meet National Career Development Standards to ensure that every activity has a strong curricular foundation.

Full support for teachers

ccSpark! is easy to implement into a classroom setting. Our helpful Teacher Guide includes a complete set of lesson plans, timelines and curriculum goals. Educators are able to monitor and evaluate each student’s progress through the learning curriculum using indicators that are seamlessly integrated into the online program.

Integrated curriculum content

ccSpark is more than a digital learning game. Fully integrated classroom activities connect with core curriculum subjects like literacy and art. Lesson plan suggestions and topics help teachers lead students in guided discussions designed to enhance their understanding of important career development concepts. In-class activities are provided by ccSpark! through printable worksheets and teaching guides to encourage independent and group problem-solving, reflection and personal discovery.

Immersive online learning environment

ccSpark! is a fully integrated, comprehensive online learning environment that extends beyond the borders of the town of Sparkdale. Our easy-to-navigate ccSpark! website is packed with educational interactive activities, including an age-appropriate Personal Learning Style assessment quiz. These additional online activities extend the lessons learned in Sparkdale to inspire each student to realize their own potential.

A personal learning journey

ccSpark! is a personal journey for each student. A virtual Portfolio lets students safely record, document and share their reflections, ideas and experiences.

Engaging parents

Parents are provided with resources to help extend the ccSpark! learning experience into the home.

Top design team

ccSpark! is created by experts with experience in interactive education, career learning, curriculum development, student evaluation, online gaming and user experience design.