Career Matchmaker is amazing

Our personal assessments for students are better than anything else, anywhere. Career Matchmaker was originally developed in 1969 by a group of career advisors in England who were so good that one of them was proclaimed as a “Member of the British Empire” for his work. The system they created has been used by millions all across the globe. It has even been adapted for use by the governments of Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia and Singapore. It’s a wonderful tool.

No other assessment can do this

Career Matchmaker produces a ranked top 40 careers list with direct links to multimedia occupational profiles, all just one click away. Even better, it doesn’t just match students with careers, it explains why, which enhances learning and self-understanding. The impact on student trust is enormous. They are reassured to know that their results are meaningful and personalized, and that the career recommendations they’ve received really are the best fit for them.

Seamless integration

When students land on our page called Suitable for You, they learn exactly why each career has appeared on their personal list of recommendations. They can also learn why any career has not shown up on their list. No other assessment tool can do this. Students can filter their results by Education Level or Career Cluster to gain further insights. Remember, Career Matchmaker is fully integrated with our illuminating My Skills and Ability Profiler assessments.

Most revealing personal inventories

Our comprehensive My Skills assessment connects students with careers that fit their strongest skills and abilities, while suggesting weaknesses that need more attention. It uses a progress bar and checkpoints along the way to encourage students to complete every question, which enhances the accuracy of the results. Our Learning Styles Inventory helps them understand the way they learn new information and skills. It enables teachers to be more effective, by discovering whether students learn best with a visual, auditory or tactile approach.

Educators prefer Career Matchmaker

The quality of Career Matchmaker is outstanding. But don’t just take our word for it. We invite you compare Matchmaker’s methodology and results side by side with any competing assessment tool for students and see for yourself. When educators, librarians, advisors and counselors take us up on that invitation, they always tell us with a smile, “You were right.”