Pathways to success

A living, breathing individual learning plan is the most engaging way for a student to build a personal pathway to a successful future. We call it a Living Portfolio because it grows and evolves over time, helping to translate career exploration into concrete action steps. Buzzing with activities and humming with potential, each student’s Living Portfolio is alive with energy and hopes and dreams.

Customizable Portfolio Completion Standards

Only ccSpringboard has customizable completion standards to communicate expectations and direction for each student, at each grade level. They summarize every action step individual students need to take in each school year to stay on track toward achieving their goals. A Portfolio Completion Status bar at the top of the screen alerts students and tells them what they need to do every step of the way.

Knowledge multiplies here

The Living Portfolio is not like a messy locker where students throw things in and immediately forget them. This is a secure space where students store everything they’re working on. It’s where they access their assessment and matchmaker results. They can keep track of scholarship applications and financial aid, to help make sure important deadlines don’t get missed. They can even create a professional-looking résumé. It’s a place students are happy to visit, time after time.

Flexible, powerful, complete

The Living Portfolio lets students store career and education-related documents in one convenient place, making it easy to save and update a resource bank of careers and schools of interest. They can also document career development activities; set next-steps and to-dos; and record extracurricular activities, hobbies, interests, skills and awards. Students can track work and volunteer experience, and keep a personal journal to capture notes on what they’re learning.

Sharing with teachers and parents

Our Living Portfolio engages students with easy access to interesting links, informative documents, important assignments, timely event postings, and personal messages from counselors. Students enjoy working with their Living Portfolio not just for what’s in it, but also because this is where they share what they’re doing, with trusted contacts, teachers, counselors, college administrators, parents and friends. It’s a springboard to success.