Welcome to CAMS

Our exclusive Career Advisor Management System (CAMS) is your convenient, easy-to-use, one-stop window into your site’s installation of all Career Cruising products, including ccSpringboard. It gives you the ability to oversee student activity to help them learn more effectively. From one simple dashboard, you can implement, track, manage, customize and more.

Customize CAMS to fit your needs

With CAMS, you can customize your installation to align perfectly with your site’s specific requirements. It provides you with powerful tools for real-time activity tracking, sending messages to students and running comprehensive aggregate reports. Supplement students’ Living Portfolios by adding links, documents and assignments to enrich their learning experience.

Flexible tracking and access.

CAMS gives you the ability to establish and set your own Portfolio Completion Standards by grade level to monitor and encourage student progress within ccSpringboard. Administrators at the district level and within each school can generate their own detailed reports to track and measure class performance or individual student status against predetermined benchmarks. Multiple password-protected access levels for school and district administrators ensure complete security and confidentiality.

The best reporting tools

Access convenient pre-configured reports on all data elements within the entire system, or create and save customized reports to meet your specific needs and run them on your own schedule. Create and assign activities for students to complete and store inside their Living Portfolio, complete with due dates. Develop customized course lists to help students generate personal education plans.

Internal communication platform

Use ccSpringboard’s internal communication platform to send messages to individual students, targeted groups of students, or all students. Mass-print portfolios, education plans and résumés. Log student meetings to provide guidance and advice as needed. Run detailed reports at any time to gain instant insight into how students are using their portfolios to explore, learn, build and grow.