Rich multimedia occupational data

ccSpringboard engages students with one-click access to up-to-date multimedia occupational profiles designed to bring the real world into the classroom. We’ve interviewed over 1,300 real people about their jobs, to find out what they do. Students can easily access every interview. And they’re not text-only. There’s rich multimedia sound and video clips. Students love them. It makes their career learning and discovery process something worth anticipating.

Inspiring photo-journalistic essays

Pictures are the best way to engage and hold the interest of students who are visual learners. That’s why every occupation in ccSpringboard features an informative photo-journalistic essay to bring each career to life with lots of images and explanatory captions. Students tell us this helps them easily imagine what a real day is like for people working in the careers they’re exploring.

A day in the life

Each interviewee we feature has provided an hour-by-hour Day in the Life time chart, showing exactly what doing that job is all about. For each career, students can see how much time they would be spending while performing different types of tasks. Things like ‘working alone’, ‘working with others’, ‘working at a desk’, or ‘travelling’. That way, they can get a better sense of what it’s like working in the real world.

All original. Always up-to-date

Our team of researchers and writers creates and refreshes all of this material in-house. It is not lifted from a third-party website or database. Prepared especially for students, each profile includes a job description, typical working conditions, required education and training, expected earnings, and links to related occupations

Real job openings

While students are exploring and discovering, we’ve found that it’s vital for them to know where their efforts might lead. We provide relevant answers to the question: “Are there any jobs out there in the real world if I pursue this career option?” That’s why ccSpringboard is tightly integrated with, which lets students search to find out whether there are real job openings they might be interested in, and where those opportunities are, all across the country.

Real impact on student motivation

Students can see actual job postings in the town they live in, as well as other places nearby. That’s proof there is a future for them in the career they’re exploring. It’s a great incentive, because they know there is a goal out there in the real world that’s within their reach if they work hard and do well in school. Educators tell us this has a real impact on student performance in the classroom. An engaged and motivated student is more likely to study hard and achieve, because they see the relevance of their schoolwork and class assignments.

School really matters

Our Employment Guide is packed with useful information from the world-renowned University of Waterloo, a recognized expert when it comes to building a strong early foundation for a rewarding career. As you can tell by now, we are passionate about bringing the real world into the classroom. It’s because we’re doing everything we can to help students learn that what they do in school really matters.