Total immersion

The future life roles students experience while they’re inside ccTheRealGame become so real to them that they literally jump for joy when good things happen. “Yessss!”

Perfect attendance?

“Students just love ccTheRealGame. They don’t miss school when it’s being played that day.” – Grade 7 Teacher, with a smile.

Global phenomenon

ccTheRealGame is played by over 1,000,000 students every year, in over 50,000 classrooms, in 10 countries around the world. It’s everywhere, for good reason.

Charged up

Students are motivated to explore career and learning options in depth, develop their own unique learning and career plans, and store them in their personal ePortfolio. “Let’s go!”

Learning can be fun

“I learned so much in this game ... I felt I was an adult learning to budget and save my money, make sure I have enough leisure time and everything … it was really fun.” - Grade 7 Student