Powerful self learning

ccTheRealGame encourages students to discover for themselves, over and over again, their own answers to the question: "Why do I need to learn this?" This discovery process is a powerful learning tool that is exceptionally effective in building motivation.

Better perspective

As they come to understand that their actions in the present have a real impact on their success in the future, students become more engaged with schoolwork, their families and their communities. They become better students and better citizens.

More motivated students

After they have role-played and experienced the impact of their educational choices on future career success and lifestyle options, many students immediately become more serious about their own education. Marks often improve, and so do skills, habits, relationships, career planning, and respect for teachers and parents.

Everyday progress

Students who have experienced success in their simulated careers while playing ccTheRealGame want to take positive, incremental steps every day toward the real future they now dream of creating for themselves.

Planning a better future

“The game taught me I need to make really good choices and concentrate on my future. I need to find occupations I’ll enjoy that still give me a life!” - Grade 8 Student