New communication channels

Students learn for themselves the challenges adults face in balancing career, family and financial responsibilities. Knowing how difficult it can be, they are more willing to talk to parents, and more willing to listen.

More respect for parents

Role-playing as an adult gives students a better understanding of what they will face when they grow up, and a new appreciation for their parents. “Being an adult is harder than it looks. I need to ask less from my parents and be more grateful.” - Grade 8 Student

Real parental involvement

Parents can be a big help to their children as they experience the many challenging adult scenarios in ccTheRealGame. Talking through the options and possibilities of each simulated situation is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to connect on a meaningful level.

Real world opportunities

With their real work and community networks, parents can help their children explore potential career options and make connections that can result in information interviews, job shadowing, or mentorships.

Real conversations

“Since she played ccTheRealGame, we have discussed things with our daughter I never imagined. She regularly asks about our jobs. She offers to pitch in with household chores more often. As she tries to visualize her future, she asks questions which lead us into very adult conversations.” - Parent of 7th grader