Courses made relevant

Each real-life context that students experience by role-playing as an adult contains elements of every subject they’re currently studying. This helps them see how doing well on their courses will make a real difference years later.

Character counts

Students learn from the game experience that positive character traits like honesty, integrity, respect, courage, perseverance and an optimistic attitude will contribute to their success in any career, and in all of their life roles.

Immediate attitude shift

“I will definitely work harder in school starting now and also get part-time jobs, so when I want to get my real job the boss will know I am more responsible.” - Grade 7 Student

Real inspiration

Every learning activity in the game suggests related speakers and community links. For example, when students are role-playing as homebuyers or apartment renters, an actual real estate agent can bring real local listings to the classroom.

Real advice

“I loved coming to the school to discuss financial management with the grade 8 students. I wish this game was mandatory for all students. The information and life experience it provides are more valuable than some required coursework. Giving our students the tools they need to be successful in the real world should be our first priority.” - Banker and Parent