More engaged citizens

Students learn 21st century skills by role-playing in real adult contexts. Then they apply and practice those skills as employees within virtual companies and organizations, becoming engaged citizens in the simulated community they create together.

Learning soft skills

Playing ccTheRealGame lets students practice a wide range of soft skills. They learn the importance of good character, positive attitude, teamwork, communication skills, problem-solving, decision-making, and more.

Real improvement

After every game activity, students reflect on and discuss the 21st century skills their characters needed. By the end of the game students have first-hand knowledge of these skills, and know which ones they should improve. They purposefully engage in activities at home, school or in the community to build upon and enhance what they’ve learned.

Growing environmental awareness

ccTheRealGame is green, reinforcing the basic principles of environmental sustainability. In choosing housing and cars, or reflecting on work roles and company missions, students are encouraged to consider whether they are part of the problem, or want to be part of the solution.

Tools for teachers

The Overview section of each lesson plan includes a list of the 21st century skills and character traits that students’ characters will need in the lesson. Sample questions are included to assist teachers in leading a class discussion on 21st century skills and character traits after each activity.

Real life lessons

“ccTheRealGame taught our students skills and concepts they wouldn’t have learned apart from waiting for their own future ‘life experience’.” - Grade 7 Teacher