International endorsement

Educators around the globe are raving about ccTheRealGame. “It is the most teacher-friendly experiential career curriculum that exists.” - Teacher (UK pilot program)

Built by educators

The program is enhanced and refreshed regularly through active collaboration among thousands of forward-thinking educators around the world. That’s why the lesson plans, activity descriptors, student learning targets, measurable milestones and innovative learning resources are consistently rated as incredibly teacher-friendly.

Real enthusiasm

“I feel this game is more important than the curriculum I teach every day!” - Grade 7 Teacher

Perfect fit

ccTheRealGame is a key component of our total ccEngage solution. Students can use ccSpringboard for self-assessment, to research their roles in the game, and store their Wish Lists in their Living Portfolio. Then they can develop a 4-year high school course plan with ccPathfinder.

Community building

“Another teacher and I invited each other's class to see what others do in their communities. The students took their Who Am I, Who Are You sheets with them and it was like a visit to another 'town'.” - Grade 8 Teacher