Best SAT and ACT prep solution

Method Test Prep is the most efficient, effective and economical way to help students increase test scores. But it does more than that. It builds key math and English skills that will help students achieve their potential in school, career and life. Plus, it’s flexible enough to fit any curriculum. Use it inside the classroom in teacher-led sessions, or outside as supplemental homework assignments.

Fact: You’ll see measurable improvement

How effective is it? The facts speak for themselves. Students who use Method Test Prep raise their SAT scores an average of 120 points and their ACT scores an average of 3 points. Even better, students who work through more of the learning checklist are able to raise their scores much higher. Without a doubt, the results prove that Method Test Prep is a tremendous educational tool.

Focused 15-minute lessons

Method Test Prep's web-based courses are organized into easy-to-digest 15-minute chunks. Why? Because we’ve found that most students are able to focus their attention best in short bursts. Anything longer and their ability to absorb new material begins to decline. Short lessons are beneficial for teachers, too, who tell us it’s easy to integrate our highly-focused lessons into their busy classrooms.

Proven effective at improving weaknesses

Method Test Prep doesn’t force every student to follow the same pathway to learning. Student Dashboard, our easy-to-navigate personal reporting tool, lets students measure their strengths against the MTP Norm so they can see how they compare with the average. If she sees that she needs help in a specific area, she can retake specific quizzes on-demand until she understands the material fully.

Checklist for success

Method Test Prep is designed to be easy to use and implement for students and teachers. Students simply follow the Raise Your Score checklist as they work through the tasks, with immediate feedback to reinforce learning. Teachers can choose to broadcast lessons through Internet-connected white boards or projectors. Students listen as a professional tutor explains concepts they are guaranteed to see on test day.

Perfect for home use, too

Method Test Prep works well outside the classroom, too, if there’s not enough time in your everyday curriculum to integrate it into in-class activities. Our homework assignment quizzes have proven to be so effective, many English teachers tell us that students who use our Vocabulary Builder tool at home show significant improvement in class.

Affordable for every school

Method Test Prep is so economical, you’ll be able to provide online ACT and SAT prep for your entire school with the same budget many families spend on just one child receiving private tutoring.

Total solution

You’ll receive all the supplemental materials your school needs, including review packets, sample curriculums for teachers, easy to follow user guides and videos, useful presentations and topical webinar sessions.

Detailed administrative accounts

Educators can view aggregate data for the entire school, or for each class. Analyzing deficiencies helps administrators assess the current curriculum, to provide teachers with input about which concepts should be revisited.