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We’ve been actively providing students, parents and educators in North Carolina with free access to career exploration tools through Futures for Kids over the past 10 years. Today F4K is endorsed by the NC Chamber of Commerce and serves more than 475,000 students in 72 districts. Our experience with the state has given us an in-depth understanding of your needs and has enabled us to provide you with career development tools that have proven to be successful in engaging students. In fact, a recent study by SAS EVAAS proved that students who used F4K had better End-of-Course and End-of-Grade scores than those who did not!

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Easy Data Integration with NC WISE

Over 40 districts in North Carolina have already upgraded to ccPathfinder for their course planning needs. ccPathfinder integrates student credit history directly from NC WISE/PowerSchool meaning your course selections are automatically validated, saving you time for other pressing tasks. Our partnership with PowerSchool also allows us to provide data integrity because student portfolios are created directly from the information in NC WISE instead of students creating their own accounts. This ensures students only have 1 portfolio that can easily be tracked through our administrative portal, CAMS.

Upgrade to ccPathfinder

Customized CTE Tracking

Along with being customized to meet your school’s CTE Pathways, graduation requirements and North Carolina’s Career Clusters, ccPathfinder also integrates your school’s very own course catalogue into our system. This allows your students to build their 4-year course plans based on your school's individual requirements. Additionally, At Career Cruising, we design all of our products with simplicity and the user experience in mind. ‘One click’ is a key goal for us, every time. That’s why we made sure that ccPathfinder exports current year selections with one click of a mouse through our administrator portal CAMS.

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Perfect Visibility for All

Thanks to our easy-to-use administrator’s portal CAMS, educators can use hundreds of reporting and tracking tools to access on-demand reports displaying real-time student portfolio completion data, credit summaries, student at risk reports and much more. In addition to CAMS, parents also have complete visibility to their child’s career development and course planning initiatives through our Parent Portal. Both CAMS and the Parent Portal are available free of charge to North Carolina educators and parents!

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Available to you free through the Futures for Kids, ccSpringboard provides a comprehensive career and education exploration experience.

ccSpringboard through F4K

Method Test Prep

Students who use Method Test Prep raise their SAT scores an average of 120 points and their ACT scores an average of 3 points using short 15-minute lessons.

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ccInspire through F4K

The only place in North Carolina that connects students to work-based learning opportunities through our online career exploration program!

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