How to access support documents

You can access our helpful support documents in two places. Simply click ‘i’ in the navigation bar at the top of any page while you’re logged into Career Cruising. Or click on ‘Helpful Documents’ while you're logged into our Career Advisor Management System (CAMS). (Please note that the CAMS User's Guide and personalized access cards are available only on the CAMS Helpful Documents page.)

Downloadable user guides

You can download complete User's Guides for our Career Cruising products and the Career Advisor Management System (CAMS) in both PDF and Microsoft Word format. (Please note that the CAMS User's Guide is accessible only from within CAMS.)

Student activities and teacher notes

Download standalone classroom activities or the entire set in either PDF or Microsoft Word format. Each activity includes useful notes for teachers and printable worksheets for students.

Handouts and promotional materials

You’re free to download PDFs designed to build awareness of Career Cruising within your school. You’ll find a handy product feature list, FAQ information for parents, mini-posters, and personal access cards with login information.

Other helpful documents

We invite you to download PDFs full of suggestions to help your product implementation go smoothly, and to learn how using Career Cruising products facilitate the development of key career development competencies.