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Meredith Beyer-Alldridge

Parent Portal provides a window into childrens' goals and dreams



Parents and guardians are perhaps the most important role models children have. Not only do they inspire them through their own behaviors to be the best they can possibly be, they also play a critical role in guiding their children's career development and education planning. Understanding their child's goals and interests empowers parents to support their child in achieving their dreams. This month we are delighted to launch the Career Cruising Parent Portal, which provides a window into these dreams.

Each child has a unique vision of his or her future, and parents can help realize that vision by setting positive, high, and realistic goals for their children; encouraging them to look at a variety of career options; exploring their individual talents and interests; supporting them in their decisions; and promoting learning in school and at home.

Using a centralized dashboard, the Parent Portal allows parents to keep in touch with their children's future goals and plans. Parents can now register for a Career Cruising Parent Portal account where they can:

  • View their child's goals, interests, achievements, and experiences
  • Track their child's plans and progress
  • Provide feedback to their child and his or her teachers and advisors
  • Receive messages from their child's school
  • Explore Career Cruising to learn more about career and education options
  • Support their child’s dreams.

We look forward to working with our schools to encourage the use of this valuable new resource with parents and guardians, furthering our goal to create a ‘whole community’ approach to career and workforce development.

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