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Frequently Asked Questions


Career Cruising for K-12 is a self-exploration and planning program that helps students in all grades build a foundation for future readiness. The program includes interactive learning games, skill and career assessments, 4-year planning tools, post-secondary school and job market information, exploration activities, an employment guide, and more.

A key component of Career Cruising is the My Plan digital portfolio, which allows students to document each stage of their career exploration process and build an individualized education plan. Teachers and administrators can track and support student progress with a wide range of tools and reports. 

Career Cruising for K-12 strengthens future readiness initiatives and equips students with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about the future. We support a variety of school and district goals, including:

  • improving student engagement by connecting the dots between school and the future
  • increasing family involvement through a dedicated family portal
  • infusing college and career planning and readiness activities across the curriculum
  • promoting 21st-century skills like teamwork, financial literacy, and time management
  • guiding students through post-secondary planning and decision making
  • supporting transition and at-risk students to set and meet goals
  • fulfilling individual learning plan requirements and state/provincial mandates

…and more!

Our Career Advisor Management System (CAMS) makes educators’ lives easier by letting them set goals, plan activities, manage the implementation of the program, and track student progress and usage.

Yes! Many schools and districts mandate Individual Learning Plans (ILP) or Individualized Education Plans (known by various names in various parts of North America, e.g. Individual Pathway Plans, Education Development Plans, Student Success Plans to name a few) to encourage student success in high school and beyond. Career Cruising for K-12 allows teachers and administrators to set up plan completion requirements, map them to embedded activities in the program, and ensure students meet requirements as they move from grade to grade. Completion reports are available at the student, school, and district level to provide a detailed picture of ILP implementation. 

Students can start using the program as early as kindergarten. Career Cruising for K-12 offers an elementary program called Spark!, an interactive game that introduces students to the world of work and how jobs fit into the community. Designed to meet national career development standards, every Spark! activity has a strong curricular foundation that helps start the career conversation early and build curiosity, confidence, and self-awareness in elementary students. 

Along with in-depth assessments, Career Cruising for K-12 includes embedded activities and projects for students in all grades to help them conduct career research, learn more about themselves, build soft skills, and choose a post-secondary pathway. They can search for schools and careers of interest by keyword or cluster, or use selector tools to get the most detailed view of their options.

With easy-to-understand career profiles and up-to-date school and major profiles that can be saved to My Plan, Career Cruising offers a simple and engaging way for students to explore their future all in one place. 

Career Cruising for K-12 includes access to The Real Game, an award-winning financial literacy program that helps students build 21st-century skills like budgeting, teamwork, dealing with uncertainty, and managing change. Curriculum, printable worksheets, role assignments, and grade-specific activities give students an engaging group learning experience that teaches them how the choices they make impact their future. 

Our parent portal helps parents and families explore the program and see the work their child has completed. The portal also helps parents see their child’s goals, interests, and course plans so they can provide feedback and ask questions to teachers if needed.  

Yes! Career Cruising for K-12 is available in Spanish (for the U.S.) and French (for Canada).

Career Cruising for K-12 is compatible with all major Student Information Systems, including Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, Skyward, and eSchoolPLUS. Career Cruising is also compatible with many other systems – get in touch with us to find out which ones!

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